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Project Type Internship Case Study

Name Dunkin Breakfast Brief

Duration 10 weeks


AD: Janine Fernandez 

Designer: Karina Roman

Morning People Start with Dunkin 

There are two types of people in this world: those who love morning and those who don't. If you're the type, who can't stand the thought of waking up. Dunkin has the perfect breakfast for you. 

This campaign was driven by the desire to change the way non-morning people see their mornings. We want to share the message that mornings can be productive and fun. Dunkin invites you to start your morning out differently and find the joy in waking up. 


Dunkin isn't seen as a  place for breakfast. 

How can we make Dunkin own breakfast/morning? 


You're either a morning person or you're not. 


Dunkin will help you be a better morning person by inviting you to be part of their fun morning challenges. 

*Disclaimer: This piece was created solely for the purpose of The One Club for Creativity internship in partnership with BBDO and was not commissioned by the client. 

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Morning Challenge


Dunkin doesn’t want to just make your mornings better, Dunkin wants to motivate you to become a morning person.


Dunkin is introducing an app extension that can determine how good of a morning person you are.  It will track behaviors such as how early you wake up, how much sleep you get, how active you are in the morning, and how much screen time you use once you wake up.


By gamifying your mornings Dunkin will reward you with points you can use to get a free breakfast.  The better a morning person you are the more points you get.

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Sunrise Drive-In Movie 


Dunkin makes mornings better for all, even for the most extreme night owls.  And how are we doing that?  By bringing the night-time to their mornings.  Ever thought of being able to see the sunrise and watch a movie at the same time? Dunkin invites you to get up early and start your day bright. 


Enjoy a free movie when you buy breakfast from Dunkin. We promise it will be an experience worth showing off to all those friends who are too busy sleeping in!

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Dunkin Alarm


Waking up and getting out of bed can be hard when you fall into the habit of hitting snooze.


Dunkin is introducing an alarm clock sale in the Dunkin app that goes off at 7 am every day.  The catch is you won’t be able to hit snooze on this alarm.  No more waking up with that feeling of regret from missing your alarm and not having enough time in the morning to eat breakfast.  


Beat the clock and get to the closest Dunkin near you.  The quicker you get to Dunkin after the alarm goes off, the better the reward will be! 

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Wake Up with Charli 


Mornings are hard when you don’t have enough energy to start the day.  


The Morning Dance challenge with Charli D’Amelio will motivate people to get moving in the morning.


These dance challenges can only be seen from 8-10am.  The first 100 people to upload a video on Tiktok with the hashtag #WakeUpwithCharli will get a free Charli drink to go with their breakfast.

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